About Us

At present all the experience accumulate during all these years has become what our company is now, a leading company in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean region.

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About Us

Our company was founded in 1994, as a continuation of a family business started by our father, in 1969.

This company used to deal with oil distribution and real estate investment and construction. In 2003, we changed our main focus and started the export of coral stone and marble in their different sizes and finished. 

What we Offer

We source our products from different quarries, so getting the classic (beige) coral stone, the white and reef shells coral stone.  Why is this important? Since natural stones are made by nature, a quarry, regardless of having a very good quality stone at a moment in time, goes through different stages where colors vary from white tones to beige and reds as well as its porosity level.  So we guarantee the quality of all our products and the most important we can choose from three different quarries.   This makes us unique in the market.